We standardize communications between your restaurant order, payment, delivery and reservation channels

All your orders and reservations, in one screen
Receive online orders directly in your kitchen POS
Request riders automatically
Manage all your channels menus in one app
Me interesa

Pricing plans

We think that you should pay only for what you use and that is why we have designed plans adapted to the work that you really have

R1 Plan

75 €
Initial and recharge amount

0.15 € / order
0.15 € / reservation
0.10 € / delivery (without order)
0.05 € / payment (without order)

R2 Plan

250 €
Initial and recharge amount

0.10 € / order
0.10 € / reservation
0.07 € / delivery (without order)
0.04 € / payment (without order)

R3 Plan

500 €
Initial and recharge amount

0.08 € / order
0.08 € / reservation
0.06 € / delivery (without order)
0.03 € / payment (without order)

Here we go! 🚀

In less than 30 minutes you can have your restaurant linked

Add connections

Select the platforms and apps you want to connect to see a compatibility report

Confirm your project

Check the selected connections and confirm your project just in a few minutes

Activate and link your restaurant

Once in our panel, we will ask you for some information to activate and connect your restaurant

Time to work!

As connections are activated, you will begin to receive orders and reservations in our system

If you do not see it clearly, contact us and we will guide you in what you need