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Multichannel orders management

Multichannel orders management

Receive and manage all your orders from all your sales channels on a single screen: UberEats, Deliveroo, JustEat, your own website, ...

Multichannel delivery management

Multichannel delivery management

Automate your riders request to on-demand delivery companies or to your own riders, you can also combine both solutions. We connect your last mile delivery providers (Stuart, MOX, Deelivers, ...) and your own riders with our system; you set up your delivery areas and prices. Once it's done, the riders are notified automatically, and you can forget the riders' management part.

Multichannel reservation management

Multichannel reservation management

Receive and manage all your reservations of all platforms and your website in one App.

Integration with your POS

Integration with your POS

Receive and manage all your orders and reservations from your online sales channels into your POS. Forget about having to work with several screens, about entering orders manually into your POS and about kitchen disorder. Also, as they are going through your POS, online orders are synchronized with your on-site orders and respect your printers and kitchen screens setup.

Application for your riders

Application for your riders

Integrate and automate your riders requests and customers status notifications. Your riders download our App on their mobile phone, you set up your delivery areas and prices; and you can work with a similar technology to major delivery companies.

Production and riders screens

Production and riders screens

Help your delivery manager and the riders to work the appropriate way and without errors. Are you fed up with riders asking you every minute when its order is ready? Are you fed up with riders carrying the wrong order? You can forget about those kinds of problems thanks to our delivery managers and riders dedicated screens.

Sales Analysis

Sales Analysis

Check and analyze the aggregate key data of all your sales channels and online reservations in a single optimized report to help make efficient decisions.

Our integrations

More than 100 integrations to allow you to have more business opportunities

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Web app

Sinqro Front

Web app

We publish your own delivery, takeaway, table service and reservations app

Simplified multiplatform sales

Sinqro Brands

Simplified multiplatform sales

We create an online brand and connect it to multiple channels. You only have to cook.

We work for large chains, small restaurants and dark kitchens







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